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Photo of the Week #8- Minorities in Sapa

29 Mar

Where- Sapa, North Vietnam

The minorities in Sapa are truly amazing adding even more colour to the spectacular landscape. I ran into this lovely woman while walking through the markets in town and asked if I could take a photo of her and her beautiful baby and she obliged. She didn’t ask for money as many of the minority people do or ask me to purchase any souvenirs which was really lovely. She’s a beautiful young girl and I wish I had of had more time to have a chat and get to know her better.


Eating my way through Southeast Asia

9 Mar

Food glorious food. The first time I went to Vietnam it was because I’d watched far too much of Luke Nguyen’s cooking show and had been inspired to go and explore the country and more importantly try these foods first hand. Eating is possibly one of my favourite parts of traveling particularly the opportunity to try local foods they rarely disappoint (except when I went to the Philippines). We’re quite spoilt in Canberra to have a wide selection of foods but nothing compares to trying them at the source. In this blog I’ll highlight some of my favourite Southeast Asian meals that I’ve had and over the next few months attempt to make them myself and share the results with you lovely people. So to kick us off…


Thailand has a wonderful freshness to it with its chilli and basil. My top picks in Thailand are

Green Curry- It’s a bit of a staple with its spicy flavours and creamy sauce. A bit of jasmine rice (perhaps shaped like a turtle?) and an icy Singha to wash it down and your good to go.

Green Curry and Turtle Rice in Bangkok

Pad Thai- Oh I love Pad Thai so much. A friend of mine makes a version which rivals some of those I’d had in Thailand. Tamarind and delicious rice noodles. Whether you get your 2am fix from a stall on Khao San Road or have it in a restaurant it’s rather satisfying.

Or if that’s not your style you could eat some bugs…


I ate a lot of really delicious food in Cambodia which sort of felt like a clash between Thai and Vietnamese cuisine with lots of fresh flavours and brilliant curries. There is one thing that stood out for me though.

Sihanoukville BBQ- Super cheap, big, delicious meals on the beach accompanied by even cheaper cocktails. Heaps of options from all kinds of meats and seafood the standouts for me were the huge tiger prawns and the Coca-Cola pork ribs. I’m a fan of ribs so may have to give these ones a shot.


Indonesia has a lot of food that I really enjoy and a lot that I can’t stand. Also a lot of it I’ve tried cooking in the past and it’s proven too hard so I don’t really bother it anymore. While it’s probably wrong to put Indomie on this list (but I’ll show you how to make it better) a few of my favourites over here at the moment are,

One of my favourite Mie Ayam Warungs in Jogja

Mie Ayam- Chicken Noodles in soup. It’s oh so simple but tasty and refreshing and has Asian greens in it which I particularly enjoy. Best eaten on the side of the road sitting on the ground.

Nasi Goreng- People often ask me what my favourite food is and laugh when I say nasi goreng. Sure fried rice is incredibly simple but it’s super reliable and you never have two which are alike.


Fresh Spring Rolls- Definitely one of my favourite entrees and they’ll make you never want to eat their deep fried cousins ever again. Creating the perfectly balanced dipping sauce is hard but they a very versatile with fillings ranging from duck, pork and prawns or even a personal version of mine with kangaroo for a slight Australian fusion. Often a go to quick meal for me I’ll show you a few versions.

Pho- Possibly my all time favourite food and one that I have scoured Canberra trying to find a good version of it. Beef or Chicken is standard (although veggie and seafood versions exist) personally I prefer the beef. My mouth waters when I think of some of the pho I had in Vietnam and while it is super hard to cook from scratch (It took me 10 hours to get the broth ok) you can cheat and get pho seasoning cubes as I’ll show you.

Chowing down on some cricket at Khao San Road

So that’s it for now. Now to decide which of these delicious offering to cook first or you can let me know below and I’ll post the recipes and photos of the results (although it should be noted that I’m no masterchef )

What are some of your favourite countries to eat in and favourite dishes?


Photo of the Week #5- Junk in Vietnam

8 Mar

Where- Ha Long Bay, North Vietnam

With the fantastic culture in Vietnam it is easy to forget about the amazing natural beauty that the country also has to offer. Used as the back drop of movies such as Tomorrow Never Dies, it really is a magical place to visit with the stunning karst landscape and multitude of caves. A beautiful area which is a great example of the diversity of Vietnam.

Photo of the Week #2- Wonderful Hoi An

16 Feb

Where- Hoi An, Central Vietnam

I love Hoi An. I would safely say it is one of my favourite places in the world and possibly the most beautiful town I’ve ever visited. Most people I know to visit have also fallen in love with the place. Amazing food and architecture, shopping heaven and a photographer’s dream. Looking forward to heading back hopefully sometime in the future.

The end of my G Adventure

7 Jan

Well here I am sitting at Ho Chi Minh Airport waiting to fly to KL and feeling a little bit emotional about leaving the fantastic people I met behind as I go on to my next adventure in Indonesia.

The last few days were pretty busy. We crossed the border to Chau Doc in Vietnam and spent the afternoon napping in the hotel before taking a motorbike ride up Tam Som mountain and sitting in hammocks with beers watching the sunset. Afterwards we had dinner in a floating restaurant on the Mekong before an early night watching some trashy TV.IMG_5568 Chau Doc was a city which was nice but nothing incredible as it is mostly a transit town for tourists heading to the Delta and HCMC from Cambodia. The next morning we left early again (at 8am) for what was supposed to be a 8 hour drive to HCMC. Luckily our bus driver thought he was a Formula 1 driver and we made it in 5. It was a really interesting drive through the Mekong Delta (well it was when we weren’t asleep) and we really got a feel of life along the Mekong. We also crossed the Mekong on possibly the most dangerous ferry I have seen where we sat on the roof and there was no safety rails at all. IMG_5574

Arriving in Ho Chi Minh City we set off on a walking tour. Some of us girls walked for a little bit before spotting a coffee shop and spending an hour sipping iced coffee in the shade pretending we weren’t in a hot Asian city. After this I took us for the rest of the walk (it’s only been 8 months since I was last there) and we saw the Reunification Palace and did a bit of retail therapy buying some incredibly touristy tshirts in Ben Thanh Markets.IMG_5578

We met the “newbies” who were carrying on the tour that night before heading to the welcome/farewell dinner at a Mexican restaurant which was surprisingly good although the cocktail prices were a bit of a shock after Cambodia. There was a lot of reminiscing of things we had been through together on the trip before we headed off for the Rex Hotel for more cocktails on the rooftop bar and hitting a few of the bars in what ended up being a rather late night.IMG_5582

My last day of the tour consisted of a trip to the Cu Chi Tunnels and War Remnants Museum. Although I’d been there before the plan was to spend as much time with the group as possible and we had an amazing lunch at Pho 2000 (where Bill Clinton eats when he is in town) and trying to all pack our stuff with 5 of us girls in 1 room and a lot of sad goodbyes.

It was very sad saying goodbye to the friends I had met. I got to travel through 3 amazing countries with 15 incredible people from across the globe. From Australia, America, Austria, England and Narnia (Guernsey) I had a fantastic time and the people on the trip really made the trip what it was. IMG_5610

So that’s it! The Cambodian Adventure is over and I’m now back in what is kind of my second home Indonesia. I stayed in possibly the worst hotel in the world in KL and having checked into the new place it is rather nice. Time to go out and probably just go to the mall and get a hair cut. Will have to suss out somewhere I haven’t been (which will be difficult) for tomorrow.

Courts xx