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Singapore in a Day

11 Jul

Singapore is a bit like Hainanese Chicken Rice. It looks plain and sterile with its MRTs and skyscrapers but the second you take a bite and scratch below the surface a little you realise it’s packed through of flavour and a lot more than meets the eye. It is a city which appeals to me immensely. The parts of Asia that I love combined with efficiency and cleanliness- I’d move there in a second if given a chance.

Raffles- founder of modern day Singapore

I had one full day in Singapore on my way to Indonesia and planned it to try and get as much out of it as possible and realistically in the end spent most of the day getting lost. The morning started with Kaya toast and some delicious coffee and condensed milk, you definitely have to go for the sweet and milky option here and not expect Roasters quality. Then the walking began- I walked around Raffles City and saw Raffles Hotel while on a quest to find sunscreen (which was harder than expected seeing nothing opened until 11). Then I headed on over to Little India and walked up and down Seragoon Road taking photos and experiencing the colours and smells of the sub-continent. Tekka Market on a Sunday is a pungent assault on the senses, packed with people and every fruit or meat under the sun. I also got my foot all henna-ed and walked over to Sim Lim Square to look at some headphones while resisting the temptation to buy camera gear.

I then had an idea that seeing I couldn’t be bothered walking up to Little India MRT so I decided to walk until I found another one. I explored some more markets and found some temples then realised that there hadn’t really been any MRT stations. About half an hour later I found one after walking what turned out to be a fairly long way in ridiculous humidity. Afterwards I headed back to Clarke Quay, wandered around the mall and jumped on another train up to Chinatown.

Shop houses in Little India

I had a pretty good idea where the food centre was so sort of just walked in its general direction through streets upon streets of market stalls and then found it. I love Maxwell Food Centre. Unfortunately the pancake stall I really like has appeared to have closed in the last 18 months so it was time to try something new so I did the logical thing and jumped on the end of the longest line of locals and was rewarded with a plate of Chicken Rice for the low price of $3. It was pretty much one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten, like some kind of epiphany.

Hawker Centre Heaven

After lunch I headed off walking along the river to the Asian Civilisations Museum which I was quite impressed by. They had some really interesting stuff from Southeast Asia and their SE Asian Islamic artifacts exhibit was particularly interesting. As the afternoon went on I took a stroll along Clarke Quay in the cool breeze and hang out before heading back to Chinatown to eat amazingly delicious meal number 2 for the day- bratwurst. Yep as strange as it sounds in the middle of the stalls of Chinatown is Erich’s Wuerstelstand, an Austrian setup where you can get some delicious smoked pork and cheese wurst (as well as other varieties), sauerkraut and giant pretzels. It was incredibly good food and so cheap.

Bratwurst in Chinatown? Delicious

After walking around a bit and heading back to eat dinner in a bar in Clarke Quay and watch the F1 it was time to head home before the early flight.

Singapore is great. Lots of people don’t particularly like the place but I beg to differ. It definitely isn’t cheap but I don’t think I’ve ever failed to have a good time there if I’ve taken the time to go exploring. I’ll definitely back (in fact I will be going back twice in the next 3 weeks).


Here We Go Again!

29 Jun

Alright so I have 1 more week until I’m off to the airport and on my way back to Southeast Asia for 3 weeks. I’ve finally managed to get all of my accommodation booked after deciding it was probably easier to have everything booked with my tight schedule and so far it is all quite exciting.

So what’s the plan? I’ll be heading to Singapore, Indonesia and Borneo- a week traveling through Java doing some work and catching up with friends, finally after 4 trips to Indonesia I’ll be going to Bali for some fun and relaxation before heading off to Malaysian Borneo to see some orangutans, explore some jungle and discover a new culture. Also I’ll have a few days in Singapore which will mostly consist of visiting a few of my favourite places and eating of course!

With a week to go you would think I would be more organised with the next week packed full of work and meetings but alas there still is a lot to do, haven’t even thought about what I’ll pack yet! Really looking forward to escaping these freezing winter mornings and getting back out there, discovering new places, seeing old friends and eating some delicious food! There will be a whole heap of new blogs on their way from updates on what I’ve been doing, destination and hotel reviews and plenty of photos!

Courts xx

Photo of the Week #9- Another side of Singapore

15 Apr


Singapore is easily my favourite place to spend a few days for a break and I’m well and truly overdue for a visit to the Lion City. Spotted this sign when I was there for a weekend a while back and it really shows the crazy mix is culture and history that makes Singapore the awesome place that it is. From Chinese, Malay, Indian to the British colonial years the place has so much to offer and some of the best food that I’ve ever had. Most people I speak to either love or hate the place and I definitely fall into the first category.

Sorry for the lack of posts the last few weeks. Everything is a bit crazy but I should have some great new content very soon. Stay tuned!