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Photo of the Week #17- Fire at Uluwatu

30 Jul

Where- Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia

The Kecak dance at sunset is magical. The rhythmic cak-cak-cak of the chorus paired with the stunning backdrop creates an incredible atmosphere and it’s a real must see while in Bali.


Photo of the Week #16- Snowgums in the Snowys

1 Jul

Where- Perisher, Kosciuszko National Park, NSW

While I don’t particularly like the cold, I love going to the snow and skiing. A quick trip to Perisher (only 2 hours drive from my house) gave me the chance to muck around in the snow on toboggans with my cousins and snap some photos. The snowgums really are beautiful this time of year and really set a wonderful backdrop.

Photo of the Week #15- Sunset in the Village

25 Jun

Where- Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

It was a lovely day in Jogja and the city was packed with Maulid celebrations so one of my friends invited me to come out to her village with her family and friends. It was the perfect day with blue sky bringing out all of the rich colours of the beautiful landscape around us. I was taking one last photo of the gorgeous sunset when a motorbike whizzed past making for a fun photo.

Photo of the Week #14- Tomb Raider’s Ta Prohm

15 Jun

Where- Ta Prohm, Angkor, Cambodia

When I was a kid I love Lara Croft. I had all of the Tomb Raider games and was very disappointed to find out that being a tomb raider wasn’t a particularly realistic career choice in this day and age. For many years I wanted to see Angkor Wat and was most excited about the Ta Prohm temple complex. Sure the obvious Tomb Raider connection was a key draw card but the idea of an overgrown, half ruined temple was even more exciting. This place is amazing to explore especially if you manage to escape some of the crowds which flock to it. There is some work on to restore the temples but I really hope they leave them mostly as they are now as that is what is particularly enticing about them.

Photo of the Week #13- Path to Destruction

8 Jun

Where- Desa Kinahrejo, Yogyakarta

Desa Kinahrejo was completely destroyed in the 2010 Merapi eruption however unlike in Argomulyo, the local villagers have turned the place into a tourist attraction. The day I went up there was eerie yet an incredibly beautiful area. Freezing cold with dense cloud which lifted just enough for you to realise that one of the world’s most active volcanoes was looming over us, just a few kilometres from the summit. This road headed further up towards Merapi but had suffered a great deal of damage in the eruption. We passed several signs along it marking it as an escape route however for many of the people in this area there was no escape. An amazing place which reminds you of the power of the Earth.

Photo of the Week #12- Street Art Indonesian Style

23 May

Where- Salatiga, Indonesia

Yep another one from Salatiga. One thing which is really exciting is the alternative street culture that exists in Indonesia. This is a wall that I particularly like (although I could post 100s of photos of street art I like in Indonesia). This street had a environmental theme with lots of art relating to global warming and deforestation. It was like walking through an art gallery every day!

Photo of the Week #11- Merbabu, my mountain

14 May

Where- Merbabu- Salatiga, Central Java

It’s a rare occasion in the wet season that we’d get niceĀ  clear nights like this one but when we did we’d sit up on our balcony for hours and chat. I’ve written about my great love for Salatiga in the past and this photo is just another angle of the place that I love with the shadowy hulk of Merbabu lurking in the distance.

Why this photo now though? You may ask. Well all those plans in the previous post have been well and truly thrown into disarray and I find myself getting on a plane back to Indonesia in 2 months time. I’m going to spend some time in Bali and then a fair bit of time in Java visiting friends. Let the planning begin!