Future Destinations

The Next Trip!

I’m off in the next month back to Indonesia and Singapore for a few weeks with a week in Borneo which is all rather exciting. I’m hoping to check out some places I haven’t seen before and see some old friends.

The Travel Wishlist!

I find the idea of a bucket list is a bit morbid and I keep finding when I try to put one together it ends up being way too long so this is a list of some trips I would like to do in the near future.

  • India and Nepal- Would love to go see the North of India up Rishikesh and Dharamasala and do some trekking in particular the Everest Base Camp trek in Nepal.
  • Laos and Burma- There are very few countries I haven’t visited in Southeast Asia. Laos for culture and some Backpacker trashiness ala Vang Vieng and Burma to see how it is developing..
  • Indonesian Odyssey- An idea a friend and I have hatched. Start at one end of Indonesia and work our way across by any means possible. Really get to know this country we study
  • South America 2014. The big one. This is the main priority after I get back from my next trip. World Cup 2014 in Brazil and Inca Trail in Peru with the potential to do some other touring around.  Planning has already begun

Realistically my list goes on forever- the Middle East, Road Trip in America, Kokoda Trail, Gallipoli for ANZAC Day, Cairo to Capetown and Kili! I’m sure the more I travel the longer the list will get



Let me know what you think!

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