Here We Go Again!

29 Jun

Alright so I have 1 more week until I’m off to the airport and on my way back to Southeast Asia for 3 weeks. I’ve finally managed to get all of my accommodation booked after deciding it was probably easier to have everything booked with my tight schedule and so far it is all quite exciting.

So what’s the plan? I’ll be heading to Singapore, Indonesia and Borneo- a week traveling through Java doing some work and catching up with friends, finally after 4 trips to Indonesia I’ll be going to Bali for some fun and relaxation before heading off to Malaysian Borneo to see some orangutans, explore some jungle and discover a new culture. Also I’ll have a few days in Singapore which will mostly consist of visiting a few of my favourite places and eating of course!

With a week to go you would think I would be more organised with the next week packed full of work and meetings but alas there still is a lot to do, haven’t even thought about what I’ll pack yet! Really looking forward to escaping these freezing winter mornings and getting back out there, discovering new places, seeing old friends and eating some delicious food! There will be a whole heap of new blogs on their way from updates on what I’ve been doing, destination and hotel reviews and plenty of photos!

Courts xx


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