Blue is the Colour! A Chelsea fan’s dream tour

5 Apr

There are few things that I love more than waking up in the morning, turning on the TV and seeing my boys from Chelsea FC winning at Stamford Bridge. To see the stands decked out in that rich royal blue with singing and chanting for 90 minutes says a lot for English football and the religion-like status it has over there.

I’ve always been a football fan, ever since I was a little kid kicking the ball around the backyard and have played football for a majority of my life so it’s no surprise that one of the best gifts I’ve ever received was a tour of Stamford Bridge a few years ago on a trip to the UK. Whether you like football or not I recommend if you are ever in England or another one of the big European countries that you do one of these tours- even better is to go see a game but that’s a story for another day!

It’s a football fan’s dream. Showing up to the stadium and seeing the Feraris and BMWs in the car park (which apparently belonged to the Reserve team) you then get a real behind the scenes look at the place. We posed for a number of ridiculous photos in the media room where players are signed (complete with jersey with your name and number on the back) before moving onto the team changerooms which were a perfect display of well thought out sports psychology. The Away team’s changeroom was spartan, completely uninspiring with bare walls and nothing to make the visitors any more comfortable on their trip there.The Chelsea rooms on the other hand were amazing. Huge areas for medical treatment, showers with designer soaps and hair products. What more could you want as a professional footballer who gets paid millions of pounds a year?

In the Chelsea changerooms

Stamford Bridge

The next part though was probably the highlight (although also incredibly corny) where you get to the tunnel onto the pitch and they start blasting the sound of the crowd on matchday and you walk out into this huge stadium. It’s actually massive and being from Australia to imagine that these games sell out almost every week with attendances of 40 000+ is mindblowing when our top flight football league struggling to get to 15 000 a lot of the time and games being played in half empty stadiums. While we were there one of the guys on our tour proposed to his girlfriend on the pitch which seemed rather romantic to a Chelsea fan like myself but probably not every girl’s dream proposal. After that we had a look around the museum and saw the Premier League trophy (this was back when Chelsea were winning everything) a fitting finish to one of the best things I’ve ever experienced.

If you are travelling to Europe and have a spare few hours, do a tour. I have a few other stadiums in the UK and Europe that I would love to visit but haven’t yet had the time or money to head back over. If you can see a game while you’re there even if you don’t particularly like football I definitely recommend going along.

That’s it for me today. Looking forward to Chelsea vs Barca in the Champions League and hope you all have a wonderful Easter.


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