Roadtrip to the Beach

17 Feb

Last Sunday it was Nick’s birthday so we decided it was time to go exploring. After the polluted, rough beaches the week before I wanted to find the elusive white sand beaches of Jogja that I had heard so much about. Despite only having 3 hours sleep the night before, I threw my swimmers in my backpack, stocked up on sunscreen and off we went in our car. From Jogja it’s a bit over 60km down to the beaches of Gunung Kidul and it is a truly spectacular drive. As you start going up into the hills you are granted a view over the city and you realise how big it actually is. On the way through Wonosari we stopped by the side of the road and picked up some fruit (in fact several kilos of tropical fruits) for around $3.

The first beach we arrived at was Baron where we parked amongst several tour buses. This wasn’t exactly what we were looking for but we decided to check it out anyway.

Pantai Baron

There were thousands of people there and we were mobbed with requests for photos and people wanting to practice their English. After chilling under some palm trees and drinking coconut juice and eating some of the delicious fruit we set off in search of a quieter beach.

After driving about 10 kilometres we found Krakal beach and managed to find an amazing quiet spot with only a few other people. We went for a scramble over some rocks and found some incredible little bays where cliffs and rocky outcrops rose dramatically out of the water. We splashed around in the beautiful warm water and sat up under the palm trees playing guitar while looking out over the water in a very Jack Johnson-esque scene.

Pantai Krakal- truly beautiful spot

It was the perfect relaxing afternoon after a crazy few weeks.

Next it was time to eat so we drove around to Indrayanti Beach to a great BBQ restaurant and sat at the beach eating bbq prawns. I only started eating prawns recently so I’ve definitely been trying to make up for lost time at some of these places. This was the beach with all the foreign tourists and we ran into the first foreigners we had seen all day (including a couple who entertained us with their inventive ways to open a bottle of wine). After our rather lunch it was back into the car for the drive back to Jogja in the rain so there was nothing left to do but recline back in my seat and take a well-deserved nap.

Pantai Indrayanti

A lot of people heading to Jogja only really go down to Parangtritis an while that beach has amazing spiritual background to it and is incredibly important in Jogja culture, it’s dangerous, black sand beach has nothing on the beaches at Gunung Kidul. While it takes a bit of effort to get to them due to their remote location it’s definitely worth the effort. It’s remarkable to think that here, on the most densely populated island in the world you can find a beautiful secluded beach all to yourself.


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