Jogja Week 1- Quick Update

13 Jan

So it’s been a week since I finished the tour and came to Indonesia so it’s probably time for a quick update on where I’m at. (Can’t believe I left Vietnam a week ago) I’m heading away for a few days so need to go sort some things out so will write a proper update later.

The first week at the internship started off slow but has definitely become more interesting the more I get to know people and the more I learn about the organisation. Next week is the annual staff meeting so I’m going to Jepara and Pati with an American guy who works here and his dad to see some of the projects up there. There’s always a bit of translation I can do which is good and it will be interesting to see a new part of Java.

I also have a house! I’m living with the family of one of the girls from the office and have a huge room and ensuite with a big family and a naughty dog called Popo. It’s been pretty relaxed so far and having people around the same age has been fun as we have gone out for dinner a few times and the most I’ve paid is $1.30!

Apart from that not much has happened. Discovered we are in walking distance of AmPlaz (was looking for a taxi there and inadvertently walked all the way there) and I’m quite enjoying eating Indonesian food constantly. It’s pretty hot here not surprisingly and I’m slowly getting used to living under the flight path for the airport. The planes approach right over the office and it is LOUD! Starting to organise some honours interviews and will hopefully catch up with some friends around town soon and head up to Salatiga next weekend.

That’s about it for now- miss you all and hope things are going well wherever you might be 🙂 I’ll write about the trip and put up some photos when I get back to the office.

Courts xx

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