Malaysia, Truly Asia (Part One)

28 Dec

So here I am sitting at a Starbucks in KL International Airport. Just a quick update seeing I only left yesterday. Eric, Ian and I flew out from Sydney after browsing Duty Free and obligatory pre-leaving Australia Oporto. Like always I had to be restrained from spending far too much money at the Lonely Planet shop (although I did score a free tshirt- which we agreed would make me uber tourist if I ever wore it)

The flight was alright. I don’t like flying I think it’s a bit like catching a bus. Food was ok and I watched some crap movies so was happy to arrive in KL. Upon arrival Immigration finally stamped the FIRST PAGE of my passport! The hotel we stayed in (Pan Pacific) was about a 5 minute walk from the airport and after checking out our rooms, the boys and I went to the bar and ate some pizza and had some tequila sunrises before a well deserved sleep. There was a golf cart to take you from the airport to the hotel however as I discovered this morning I walked much faster than it.

As I’m leaving this morning I ordered a wake up call however the hotel felt the need to call me FOUR TIMES despite the fact I was already well awake from my alarm clock. The rooms were a bit tired but it was still a nice hotel although unlike the inflight magazine I wouldn’t rate it the best airport hotel in the world- that honour should go to Crowne at Changi.

Now I’m enjoying a breakfast of a latte before my flight to Bangkok in an hour. By enjoying I mean I’m enjoying the consistency of knowing that the coffee I’ve ordered will be drinkable how I miss Lonsdale St Roasters or Gods! Very disappointed that this starbucks doesn’t have bagels but it’s much better than the place that I had breakfast here at the start of the year (there is a post from January about my ridiculous KLIA experience)

Also just a heads up if you want to get in touch with me my International Roaming doesn’t seem to be working- might be a different story in Thailand but for now email and facebook is probably easiest.

That’s it for now. Start tour tonight so will write in a few days about Bangkok. Need to go by sunscreen!

Courts xx


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