Guess who’s back…

11 Nov

So the frantic pace of my trip to Vietnam kind of made me forget about updating the blog so now with only 6 weeks until I leave on my next adventure I thought I’d get back into it. (I will write an entry or two about North Vietnam because it’s a spectacular place)

So where to next? I’m off to spend a night in Bangkok before a couple of weeks exploring Cambodia, a whirlwind trip to the south of Vietnam then 6 weeks completing an internship with an NGO in what is becoming my spiritual homeland Indonesia (although I will always be Australian first and foremost). There are also a couple of days in transit here and there in Kuala Lumpur which could be a bit of fun.

I’m really excited about Cambodia. It’s somewhere I have always imagined since seeing movies like Tomb Raider and the Killing Fields, the history of the place is horrific and I want to see how a nation recovers from that. Can’t wait to see Angkor Wat as it seems truly majestic. Indonesia will also be great. I’m working in disaster management which is something that interests me and hopefully I’ll manage to climb some mountains and see some cultural performances while I’m there.

So it’s time to sort out the rest of my travel and count down the days before I go. Also need to buy a notebook and pens as generally I write all my blogs on buses and trains and type it up at ridiculous times of the night.

Courts xx


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