We come from a land down under

3 Feb

Once again I found myself in Salatiga when Australia Day came around. General consensus was to turn last year’s party into a tradition and once again celebrate our National Day in style. This in itself raised a number of questions as to why we, as Australians seem to place so much more emphasis on the 26th of January when we find ourselves in packs in places far from home.

P1240140 There is no doubt the events behind Australia Day are something that not all Australians would like to celebrate or remember at that, because of this meaning it was agreed that Australia Day is little more than a chance for a day off and a bbq. For us in Salatiga, Australia Day presents an opportunity to play host to our Indonesian friends, families and teachers as a show of gratitude for the hospitality they have shown us. 

Little needs to be said about the party itself as it was typically what you expect from a party hosted by university students with too much beer and an assortment of unhealthy snacks. Music left a bit to be desired with our carefully planned, Australian themed iPod playlists thwarted by the lack of iPod connectivity for the sound system. Instead we were educated in some classic Prog Rock thanks to one of the host families. Another interesting event was where a number of us experienced a rice paddy up close and personalP1240139 when the railing of the balcony we were standing on gave way, sending us flying into the muddy field.

Thanks have to go out to everyone who helped organise the party and everyone who attended. While it may be a tradition which is hated by some for it’s dubious origins or viewed as bogan, all meanings of the day aside. When you have thirty odd Australians and a number of people from other nations coming together in a small town in Central Java, you can’t help but be a little bit proud to be and Australian.


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